Solutions for Individual Lawyers


Access cases, anytime, anywhere

01. Documents, drafts, hearings, Notes, Interlocutory Applications, Notices, Caveats – everything sits in a single repository.

02. Assign and delegate cases to your colleagues. And track the activities for each case.

LegalE case calendar and status prioritization

Interlocutory Applications

Be in office, without being in office

01. IA hearings, parties and IA documents – everything at one place.

02. Track appeals of IAs as well.

Notices and caveats

Get reminders for important things

01. Draft a notice, track proof of service, or record the reply – everything in one place.

02. Renew your caveats on time.

software for lawyers

Collaborate with clients

Share files securely

01.  Instantly share files and important documents on a particular case with clients

02. Search functions make it easy to locate specific details of cases

LegalE – The complete software for lawyers

LegalE is the only Legal Software Application in India to be designed ground up keeping Indian Courts and Law Practices in mind. Simply put, LegalE is the complete software for lawyers.

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