LegalE Billing and Invoice Management


Billing and Expenses

Keep track of all your invoices and expenses for a case.

01. Create, send and track invoices of the clients

02. Import the case related expenses into your invoice

LegalE Invoice Receipts
LegalE - Legal billing and Invoicing Software

Track Invoices

Keep track of all your invoices, receipts and pending payments in a single place

01. Avoid uncomfortable conversation through automated payment reminders

02. Send customized reminder messages for each client

Payment terms

Whether retainer, fixed or appearance based, build your own payment terms.

01. Track the pending amount for each payment term.

02. Get alerts before the end of the payment term.

Billing Model and Occurrences in legal environment
LegalE Invoice Reconcillation

Financial Insights

Analytics to understand your firm’s financial performance.

01. Get a macroscopic view of key performance indicators (KPIs)

02. Get detailed reports related to case expenditure, billed hours, fee received etc.