Legal Practice & AI

We understand the complexities of legal systems and the peculiar nature of legal documents. We are a curious bunch of problem solvers comprising of Lawyers, Data Scientists, AI/ML programmers looking to harness the power of Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence models to provide practical solutions to the legal fraternity.

Simplify your Legal Practice with
Artificial Intelligence

LegalE AI - Document Translation

Key Challenges faced

01. Designing a neural network deep learning model to understand legal language and structure it for meaningful outcomes and insights.

02.  Training theartificial intelligence models with vast amounts of legal data and refine the models till an acceptable level of accuracy is attained. 

03. Integrating the artificial intelligence models into a functional application to deliver the benefits to the end users.

What we Offer

01. Our Legal Language Processing (LLP) technology has been trained using millions of Legislations, Judgements and Case Documents. 

02.  We are obsessed with delivering the best customer experience and do not intend to be just another app promising artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Our AI/ML models are in final year of Law School
and are expected to graduate soon!